Employee Safety & Health Awareness Program

Simply put, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety, well-being and health of our employees.   At Michigan Paving, we provide state-of-the-art training and tools that gives our team members everything they need to be safe and successful on the job.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. We pay careful attention to safety for everyone at every level. Our award-winning safety record demonstrates a long-standing commitment to producing high-quality work in a safe, productive manner. Michigan Paving’s employee-driven programs are a model in our industry. They have resulted in an atmosphere where safety is a way of life.

Employee-Driven Safety Culture


Our employee-driven safety culture has developed over the years as a way for our people to take care of each other. Our systems of Behavior- Based Safety, Risk Assessment, Near Miss Identification and our 14 Steps to Fatality Elimination focus on our employees returning home to their families healthy each day. We firmly believe that a safe work environment pays dividends to our customers, our shareholders and especially, our employees.  It is a non-negotiable way we do business.

At Michigan Paving, safety and health aren’t simply words on paper or activities driven by regulations. The safety, health and well being of our employees, customers and anyone that comes in contact with our work is our #1 priority. Safety and health are a  cornerstone of our overall business strategy throughout our companies.

Core Values

Our mission on health and safety is demonstrated through our Safety Core Values:

  • Zero Fatalities – Fatalities are unacceptable. Our solemn commitment to our employees is to prevent any and all fatalities.
  • Zero Incidents – We expect our employees to work every day without an incident. This includes a focus on common high frequency and minor accidents.
  • Employee-Driven Safety Culture – To achieve a sustainable zero-incident workplace, our employees must own the safety program. In reality, they must hold each other accountable for safety 100% of the time with unwavering leadership support.